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HI93703-50 Cuvette Cleaning Solution, 230mL

Cleaning solution for cuvet , 230 mL
  • HI93703-50 is an alcohol based cleaning solution for cuvettes/vials used in photometers and turbidity meters. This anti-static solution ensures the glass cuvette used for colorimetric and turbidimetric measurements remains clean and free from imperfections. 
    • Anti-static 
    • Air tight seal 
    • Marked with lot number and expiration date 


    The glass cuvette is an important component of the optical system in all colorimetric and turbidimetric measurements. Light reaches the sample by first passing through the cuvette glass. Based on the sample, the light is absorbed, transmitted, or scattered. As a result, the measurement can be affected if the cuvette glass has imperfections, dirt, dust, scratches, or fingerprints present.

    Special care must be taken in cleaning, preparing, and handling the cuvette. After washing with the HI93703-50 anti-static cleaning solution, cuvettes should be well rinsed multiple times with distilled or deionized water and allow to air dry completely.

    Anti-static formulation

    • An alcohol based solution that will clean the glass and not leave any haze. The anti-static formulation helps prevent any lint from sticking to the glass that is clean.

    Air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal

    • Ensures quality and freshness of solution

    Each bottle marked with lot number and expiration date

    • Hanna cleaning solutions are specially formulated to have an expiration of 5 years from manufacture for an unopened bottle.




    230 mL





    Certificate of Analysis