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PPM Alkalinity Checker® and Related Products

  • Note: Very limited stock is held on this product code.  HI772 is the updated dKH Checker and it should be ordered in place of the HI755 whenever possible.  HI772-26 and HI755-26 reagents are interchangeable. 

    Improve the accuracy of your results for your saltwater aquarium with our simple handheld colorimeter.

    Our alkalinity colorimeter closes the distance between alkalinity test kits and advanced instrumentation. Standard test kits are limited with accuracy since they depend upon the human eye to discern colors. Our handheld colorimeter eliminates the struggle of matching to a color chart by providing a direct saltwater alkalinity result in ppm CaCO3.

    ·       Remove the human error from your testing

    ·       No need to count drop or titrate your sample

    ·       Detects color changes your eye cannot

    ·       No calibration required

    ·       Get east, quick and consistent results

    ·       Accurate and affordable

    ·       Cost efficient: Once you purchase the Checker, reagents are sold separately saving money long term



    The HI755 Checker®HC (Handheld Colorimeter) provides a simple, accurate and cost-effective way to measure alkalinity.  Crucial in marine environments, alkalinity provides both the carbonate ion required for calcium carbonate skeletal regeneration of coral reefs, as well as a pH buffer against large changes in acidity.  Designed as a more accurate alternative to chemical test kits, the HI755 provides quick, accurate results in a few easy steps.


    Features at-a-glance:

    ·       Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits

    ·       About one minute to preform a test

    ·       Comes with 25 tests; HI772-26 refill