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HI3826 Ammonia in Seawater Test Kit

Ammonia (as NH3-N), Salt water, Range: (0.0-2.5 mg/L) Method: colorimetric, approx. 25 tests
  • The HI3826 is a chemical test kit that uses the Nessler method to measure ammonia in seawater. The HI3826 is supplied complete with all of the reagents and equipment necessary to perform approximately 25 tests. 

    ·       Pre-made reagents for ease of use 

    ·       All reagents marked with expiration date and lot number for traceability 

    ·       Color comparison cube for simple determination 


    The HI3826 is a colorimetric chemical test kit that determines the ammonia concentration in seawater within a 0.0 to 2.5 mg/L (ppm) range as NH3-N. The HI3826 is supplied with all of the necessary reagents and equipment to perform the analysis. The test kit contains enough reagents for perform approximately 25 tests.

    Features at-a-glance

    Complete setup 

    ·       All required materials are included with the test kit, such as the sample beaker, color comparison cube, and reagent dropper bottles.

    High resolution

    ·       Readings from 0.0 to 2.5 mg/L NH3-N are determined to 0.5 mg/L resolution.

    Replacement reagents available

    ·       There is no need to buy a new kit when reagents are exhausted. The HI3825-26 reagent set can be ordered to replace the reagents supplied with the kit. This reagent set comes with 1 (20mL) dropper bottle of Ammonia Reagent 1 for Seawater and 1 (20mL) dropper bottle of Nessler Reagent.


    Significance of Use

    Concentrations of ammonia in rivers, estuaries, and bays may indicate the presence of agricultural runoff or urban pollution. When the concentration of ammonia is high enough, it can prove toxic to aquatic life, affecting the survival, growth, and reproduction rates of various marine species. In industrial applications, high concentrations of ammonia can cause corrosion in pipes.




    0.0 to 2.5 mg/L (ppm)


    0.5 mg/L (ppm)



    Number of Tests


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    Ordering Information

    HI3826 test kit comes with 20 mL plastic beaker, color comparison cube, 20 mL dropper bottle ammonia reagent 1 (for seawater), and 20 mL dropper bottle Nessler reagent.